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ohlookapictureSo, last week I gave you the base Shattergang Brothers decklist all of us are working on. Since it was a tie, it only seems fair to at least give a list for the one I didn’t choose. That, or maybe I’ve been compelled to do it for another reason… Hmm…

Last week, before I had posted the decklist, the CommanderCast staff was discussing how we would put the decks in our posts.  A certain someone who will remain unnamed sent me the list with the coding I used last week, except it looked a bit different:

Not Gahiji

General That Isn’t Not Gahiji (1)
Lame Dudes (25)
Lame Spells (6)
Lame Enchantments (13)
Lame Artifacts (17)
Lame Planeswalkers (2)
Some Lands I Found In A Box (37)
How subtle… Luckily, I had actually thrown together a base Gahiji deck too, so I figured I might as well share it this week.
One important thing to note is that I’m really not an agro player… At all. So this is my take on an aggressive deck. Hopefully it isn’t too drenched in failure.

Not Not Gahiji

Gahiji (1)
Creatures (34)
Spells (8)
Lands (38)
Artifacts (10)
Enchantments (9)
Some Specific Cards
Raid Bombardment – If it weren’t for pauper cube, I would have no idea this existed; luckily it’s a huge bomb there, so I remember it when it comes to making things that want to attack. Most of the creatures in here are small when they enter and/or attack; if they’re not, well, you should still be hitting for a decent amount.
Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs – More incentive for your opponents to attack each other.
Infiltration Lens – It’s like Skullclamp, but you don’t have to kill things to get its effect.

Kessig Cagebreakers – Adds a bit of resilience against the inevitable wraths.

Wild Beastmaster, Patron of the Akki, etc. – Who doesn’t love stacking triggers? Get your Raid Bombardment triggers, then let Beastmaster take Gahiji and Patron’s buffs and give everything +5/+5.

Well… That was a short list, everything else seems like a pretty obvious inclusion. My only regret is not finding room for the vow cycle. If you want to know my reasoning behind any inclusions, just let me know.

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