Posted by Brian (@ChaosMTG).

ohlookapicture Gatherer has a random button, a lot of people do random cards of the day… That’s a bit overdone, so today I’m going to use it 10 times and try to convince you to use the cards it suggests.

So here come the cards Gatherer says you should play:

1. Grand Arbiter Augustin IV

Grand Arbiter is one of the most hated Azorius commanders, and with good reason, giving a huge tempo advantage to an already tempo heavy playstyle, can be a death sentence to some decks, especially when it is used in tandem with other taxing and pillow fort effects. While the Arbiter may not be much of an issue when he first comes down, with enough time he can easily take over a game.

2. Ranger of Eos

4 mana for a 3/2 body is pretty decent, though it could be better. Ranger’s ability more than makes up for its body though. Essentially a double Trinket Mage for creatures for one more mana. Ranger could be seen as white’s Divination that comes with a 1 mana premium for a 3/2 body, which is by no means a bad trade.

3. Adarkar Valkyrie (Really, Gatherer, you’re making this too easy…)

A 6 mana flying vigilant 4/5 angel is about average, but her reani-theft ability has always put her over the top in any deck that can afford her. White is especially thankful for the ability to steal its opponent’s creatures without the need for the ridiculous mana investment of Evangelize or Preacher’s ancient tech with a drawback.

4. Oboro, Palace in the Clouds

I’ve been trying to figure out how to break Oboro for a while, but have never figured it out. If nothing else, it’s a land that can save itself from Armageddon and can continually trigger landfall. Personally, I like fetching it with Captain Sisay.

5. Trial // Error

Both of these are pretty niche effects. Trial is a bit weird as an aggressive card in WU but can be just as effective to bounce a group of your own creatures with ETB effects. Error is definitely the better side here, with a vast majority of commanders being multicolored, it’s a nice two mana counterspell. Of course, given that both sides are two mana, it gets exponentially better when you can continually mess with combat or counter commanders by putting it on an Isochron Scepter.

6. Tablet of the Guilds

The second coming of the lucky charms with the unfortunate drawback that you have to cast the spells to gain the life. Green and white both have much better lifegain options than this, but if you find yourself in any combination of Grixis colors and wanting for lifegain, this might be helpful.

7. Curse of the Swine

I still haven’t seen much use of this card since it’s been out. While, conceptually, it’s on par with Pongify and Rapid Hybridization, the sorcery speed really seems to be what kills it. At instant speed for XUUU, it might have been more playable. If you’re in monoU and don’t have some of the better mass bounce available, Curse is a solid option.

8. Svyelunite Temple

The Fallen Empires lands are always some of the first cards I include in any new deck’s mana base. The tempo loss of ETBT is rarely an issue, and their ability to accelerate into large spells early on without the need for artifact mana can be game winning. It also helps that these lands are ridiculously cheap, so they’re well worth the investment even if you end up cutting them later.

9. Deathrender

Deathrender is kind of the opposite of Nim Deathmantle. As long as you have a sac outlet, say Ashnod’s Altar, you can easily cheat your way from 4 mana to something much bigger. Bonus points if the creature you sac is less than 3 CMC and you bring in a Sun Titan to replace it.

10. Tolarian Winds

Well, I have to mention that you can put this on Isochron Scepter. This is a great cheap hand refresher that becomes infinitely more useful if you’re running a graveyard deck, effectively doubling your hand size. Outside of a graveyard deck, it’s a great way to dig for an emergency counterspell.

Wow… Gatherer went easy on me today… These were almost too easy, maybe next time I’ll keep clicking until I get things that are actually challenging… But I’ll have to save that for next season, this is the last Unexpected Results of the season. I’ll be back next week with the pre-break news.