Posted by Brian (@ChaosMTG).

ohlookapictureIt’s finals week and, of course, I’m scrambling to get caught up on all of the work I’ve put off until now; but that won’t stop me from getting an article out, and a themed one at that!

So let’s talk about finals (and finalities… and a finale).


Angel of Finality

I’ve gone on record with my problem with this card before, and it’s still the same: It doesn’t have flash.  Sure, in white you’re limited to artifacts for mass grave exiling otherwise, but there’s just something that feels wrong about having to do it at sorcery speed.

Archetype of Finality

This card was, unfortunately, made with limited in mind. Granting everything deathtouch is unfortunately unprecedented, but the newly printed Felhide Petrifier has the same body and will likely only be used in tribal decks, much to the same effect and I can’t say that deathtouch removal is enough to warrant a doubling of cost. If you’re playing a deck that really needs deathtouch or a gorgon tribal deck, go for it.

Final Fortune

Extra turns are good, especially when you get them for 2 mana and can negate the downside with Sundial of the Infinite.

Final Judgment

Recently outclassed by Merciless Eviction, Final Judgment is still a great wrath effect for monowhite.

Final Punishment

This card has great art and a great effect, unfortunately it’s heavily outclassed by Wound Reflection for one more mana… I guess you can use it on yourself if you want…

Final Revels

I really don’t want to like this card, but its effect is surprisingly unique. The first have is kind of like Nocturnal Raid, but stapling it to a toughness reducing effect dramatically changes combat. Sure, I could complain that it isn’t an instant, but that would be pushing it.

Final Strike

This card would be so much better if it worked as printed, unfortunately errata has turned the sacrifice into a cost. If you chose a creature to sacrifice on upon resolution there would be much more strategic depth to what is now instead of just being a bad life-loss-y version of Rite of Consumption.

Final-Sting Faerie

I don’t completely hate this card, it’s just unfortunate that it’s unplayable. Upgrading Orzhov Euthanist to a flier for 1 more is reasonable, but to make it really playable it would need to have flash, and I don’t think anyone would want to pay 5+ mana to get a 2/2 tribal flier with your Fatal Blow. (Then again, you can pay 5 mana for a 1/1 flier with a Doom Blade in Violet Pall… But who plays that?)

Life’s Finale

One of the best monoblack wraths in the format. Stripping an opponent of their creatures can be devastating; though it can also be used politically by giving them an Eldrazi titan and letting them recur everything. My only problem with this card is that you can’t Buried Alvie yourself with it.

Final Verdict:

Final cards seem to either fall on one end of the spectrum or the other, I don’t think any of them are just mediocre.

Well, that’s all for this week. I have something completely different planned (yes, actually planned) for next week if I can get everything for it worked out in time.