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Last week I determined the colors and primary aspects of the two factions; the Kurzicks are black/green/white, and the Luxons are red/white/blue.

With the merchant theme, it’s easy to choose the giving-things-away goodness of Zedruu the Greathearted.

The Kurzicks are a bit harder to directly choose a commander for, but they do have an environmental effect called Stone Spores, which is reason enough for me to give this deck to Ghave, Guru of Spores.

Now that we have colors and commanders, how about we incorporate the rest of the environment?

The Kurzick’s home region, Echovald Forest, has a few distinct native species; Mole-people known as Dredge;
Mantids, large semi-inteligent mantis-like creatures;
Wardens, druidic human-like beings that have merged with nature spirits; Kirin; and the occasional giant vampiric bat.

Kirin seem like the key feature to build around here, since they want spirits and arcane spells,

Mantids seem fairly easy to translate in the form of Nantuko.
Broodhatch Nantuko
Nantuko Cultivator
Nantuko Husk
Nantuko Monastery
Nantuko Mentor
Nantuko Shaman
Nantuko Shade
Nantuko Tracer
Nantuko Vigilante
Phantom Nantuko
Thriss, Nantuko Primus
Nullmage Advocate

Unfortunately we don’t really have mole-people in Magic, but Dredge is a mechanic, which is good enough for me!
Dakmor Salvage
Shambling Shell
Moldervine CLoak
Life from the Loam
Grave-Shell Scarab

There arent many nature-merged druids other than the most recent Yavimaya Elder art, but here are a few that seem right for the deck.
Yavimaya Elder
Thelon of Havenwood
Stone-Seeder Hierophant (Great flavor here)
Promised Kannushi
Elves of Deep Shadow
Devoted Druid

The three Kirin make for a great build around component for the rest of the deck, spirits and arcane.
Bounteous Kirin
Celestial Kirin
Infernal Kirin

And here’s a bat, because one seems mandatory
Blind Hunter

So, on to the Jade Sea wildlife… It’s mostly sea creatures, at least we have a variety for them:

Fish and Jellyfish
Clinging Anemones
Glowing Anemone
Jace’s Mindseeker
Sigiled Starfish
Slipstream Eel
Spiny Starfish

Krakens, Octopi, Leviathans
Lorthos, the Tidemaker
Sealock Monster
Godhunter octopus

Inkwell Leviathan
Kederekd Leviathan
Sky Swallower
Stormtide Leviathan
Trench Gorger

Shipbreaker Kraken
Tidal Kraken
Scourge of Fleets
Deep-Sea Kraken
Isleback Spawn
Kraken Hatchling
Kraken of the Straits

Mandatory inclusion:
Quest for Ula’s Temple

The Jade Sea is also home to Naga, sentient plants, kappa, and dragons.

There are no Naga in Magic, nor are there any Kappa, but there is Shell of the Last Kappa.

There is one plant in color for the Luxons, Wall of Kelp, and there are no plant-like elementals in color for us.

Luckily, the lack of non-sea life is made up for by the fact that we get to use dragons!

Alabaster Dragon
Eternal Dragon
Exalted Dragon
Cloud Dragon
Dragon Mage
Numot, the Devastator
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind
Worldgorger Dragon
Slumbering Dragon


Well, there are some thoughts on flavor things, next week I’ll have some complete lists.

Last minute addition:
The two factions are also represented by jade (Luxon) and amber (Kurzick); it just so happens that there are perfect artifacts for these
Amber Prison
Jade Statue