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Two weeks of flavor delving and now it’s time for the Kurzick vs. Luxon decklists.

So, how do they look?

(If you happened to look at this in the 25 minutes before it was fully up, that’s what this article looks like when a cat jumps on the enter key while I’m editing and typing the title…)


Commander (1)
Creatures (50)
Instants and Sorceries (12)
Enchantment (1)
Artifact (1)
Lands (37)

The Kurzick deck was a bit weird to come up with since I originally had Ghave as the commander. I realized when building the deck it didn’t work very well with the rest of the flavor elements, so Ghave’s flavor got sacrificed a bit for Karador playing better with the spiritcraft theme that the deck had going for it started by the Kirin. Unfortunately Spiritcraft doesn’t allow for many more themes, but the deck isĀ  bit less linear than the generic Ghave deck that would have come out of it otherwise.



Commander (1)
Creatures (57)
Artifacts (3)
Lands (39)

The Luxon deck had more going for it from the start, with a solid commander and a good list of inclusions, it really just came down to polishing the deck and finding things to add. Unfortunately this deck does have some of the more stock cards for a deck of its type (Transcendence & Co. and all of the Oblivion Ring variants.)

Sticking to the theme made both decks extremely creature heavy – definitely not the kinds of decks I would build normally, but I think both of these would be fun nonetheless; I’ll probably end up trying both of them out eventually.

Well… That’s enough strict theme for one season.

Next week I’ll be going back to EDH (Every Development Here) to talk about all the things that have been revealed since the beginning of the season.

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