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ohlookapictureSo, to be completely honest, I haven’t been keeping track of the season and for some reason thought last week was my last article. I could do an EDH (Every Development Here) article, but it would just be acknowledging that things exist.
Instead, how about a quick rundown of the M15 spoilers so far?

Note: I would have images, but it looks like WordPress is doing that thing again where it changes the way things have to be formatted to look right, and I don’t really have time to figure out how to add them right now. (I tried centering an image and it stretched it instead, I have no clue what’s going on.) To do this article, I just looked through the cards at (which WordPress isn’t letting me just link in text…), so just look through there if you’d like to follow along.

The Souls:
A cycle of 6/6s for 6 with a keyword and an activated ability that can also be activated by exiling it from your graveyard.

Soul of New Phyrexia is bound to be the most ubiquitous soul by far, having on-demand wrath prevention is just a great ability, especially when you can run it in any deck.

With an activation cost of 7, Soul of Ravnica limits its realistic usability to only 5 color decks.

The Souls of Shandalar and Innistrad have the most redundant keyword, really only combatting one another, since a 6/6 is fairly likely to kill anything it’s put up against. 5 mana for a tripple Disentomb is a great cost, given the costs of Aphetto Dredging and Font of Return and Soul of Shandalar’s ability to go for both players and their creatures is probably one of the best activated burn abilities in the game.

Soul of Zendikar… Well, it makes beast tokens… That’s a thing.

Quick edit: It looks like Soul of Theros and new Ajani were just revealed. For 6 mana you can give your creatures +2/+2, first strike, and lifelink until end of turn, also it has vigilance. I have zero complaints about this, and the art is amazing.



An emblem that reduces the damage dealt to your planeswalkers to 1. Superfriends decks everywhere rejoice! Also it does other things, but those don’t matter all that much.


The Legends:

Ob Nixilis, Unshackled is truely insane. Normally, I would expect this kind of effect on a mythic. Also, I get the feeling that Brad Muir has some kind of internalized hatred for Zur the Enchanter. (Fortunately, due to the way the abilities resolve, with Gift of Immortallity Zur can stick around at the minor cost of only 10 life.)

Yisan, the Wanderer Bard – He’s like the sick love child of Birthing Pod and Æther Vial, and any deck that wants those probably also wants him.

Jalira, Master Polymorphist – Nonlegendary is a weird and kind of unnecessary restriction here, it was probably done just so new players don’t have to learn the legend rule… It certainly doesn’t ruin what has the potential to be quite an insane card though.


The Paragons:

4 mana 2/2s that are lords for their color, must haves for creature-based monocolored decks. Oh, also they grant keywords by tapping.


Other New Things:

Master of Predicaments – Cheating things into play is always fun, and this Sphinx is actually at a verry reasonable cost. I look forward to seeing the mind games this card generates.

Spirit Bonds – All of your creatures can be kicked into having a spirit guardian. I love the flavor, and for such a low cost, I can see this actually being played.

Goblin Kaboomist – Probably won’t be played outside of goblin tribal, but it’s a hilariously flavorful card that can actually be saved from itself by having a lord.

Chasm Skulker – Turn your card draw into a token army; an interesting concept, but hard to evaluate.

In Garruk’s Wake – Apparently also destroying planeswalkers is a reasonable tradeoff for “can’t be regenerated”. Unless you absolutely need two one-sided wraths or are making a disentigrating bodies theme deck (note to self: see if there are enough cards to do that), this will probably replace every Plague Wind ever.

Aggressive Mining – The restriction is obviously to prevent Crucible of worlds abuse, but I feel like with that you could also be able to discard lands…  This is great lategame fuel for aggressive red decks though.

Resolute Archangel – A 4/4 for 7 is disappointing, especially when it is only at such a high cost to force you to play it later to get the most out of its effect.

Xathrid Slyblade – Apparently hexproof is black now.

Indulgent Tormentor – The opposite of Master of the Feast. Not as efficient as Bloodgift Demon as a Phyrexian Arena effect, but a great pressure card.

Mercurial Pretender – A clone that costs more and can only copy things you control, but can Sakashima the Impostor itself back to your hand. I would be willing to pay the 1 extra over Clone if it could also copy things you don’t control but, as it is, I can’t see playing this outside of a clone deck.

Ulcerate – One of the best black removal spells in a long time, the second coming of Dismember.

Genesis Hydra – A hydra with a mini-Genesis Wave attached. I’m not sure why it’s restricted to nonland though.

Seraph of the Masses – A creature with power and toughness equal to your creatures that you can pay for with creatures… A great inclusion for any token deck, also this only costs 1 more than the fixed-size Conclave Equenaut… Just an interesting comparisson.

Goblin Rabblemaster – Because goblin tribal.

Reclamation Sage – Viridian Shaman got an upgrade at the cost of a point of toughness.

Medetation Puzzle – Even when you can tap five creatures to pay for it, this lifegain still isn’t good.

Covenent of Blood – Interesting to see Convoke in black, but not playable.

Triplicate spirits – A great followup to a Spectral Procession

Obelisk of Urd – Convoke on a creature type anthem… Because token decks need MORE support.

Shield of the Avatar – With the way they design things lately, I would have expected this to only prevent combat damage, but any source makes it great, especially at a cost of only 1 to play and 2 to equip, certainly a great choice for Kemba, Kha Regent.

Hot Soup – Apparently carying a shield and soup makes you unstopable

Metiorite – Great flavor, but a 5 mana mana rock that only produces 1 is far too expensive .

Avarice Amulet – A great design, but probably 1 too expensive to play.

Sliver Hive – Because Cavern of Souls naming Slivers wasn’t enough.


Well… It looks like that’s all I have for this season. I have a few ideas to focus myself on for next season, so I’ll be back soon with more. (And actually plan ahead to have enough articles.)

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