378127_10150441621792624_1477312954_nSo, it turns out that last week was supposed to be our final for articles. But I forgot about that when I posted promising an announcement about my writing for the site. I even asked for questions. Oops Mcgoops.

But it’s cool. I’ll just quickly answer the one question I got, make my announcement, and sneak out of here before anyone notices my f*** up.

But still, my bad.

Here's a puppy apologizing. You can't be mad when a puppy is sorry!

Here’s a puppy apologizing. You can’t be mad when a puppy is sorry!

First, to answer XnFM’s question. If your looking for a more efficient search engine, I don’t know of one. However, I do know of a better way to get deck ideas, and that is to use the community. Magic players are always quick to brag about their decks or card ideas, and it’s smart to look at what works for them and decide if it would work for you.

In particular, I recommend the forums at MTGSalvation.com. People post commander decks to them all the time, but more importantly people tend offer lots of advice on posted decks. I suggest looking through what people suggest to get a couple ideas of how your general can be built, then combine that with your own favourite cards for an initial skeleton of a deck. Play test and edit (and include some cards from your Gatherer searches) and soon you’ll have a deck that is uniquely your own.

Pip Boy approves of a well tested EDH deck.

Pip Boy approves of a well tested EDH deck.

And now for the change up to my articles. After this season I am going to be switching to a bi-weekly writing schedule for the site, in order to make room for new writers (and to give myself a bit of a break!). My new column is going to be called¬†Commander with the Comedian,¬†and it’s going to be a much more general (ha, again with the commander puns) column than I usually write. The less thematic approach will allow me to talk about a much broader range of topics than I used to be able to, and will also make it way easier to incorporate the site’s theme weeks.

Basically, the nitty gritty of it is…

-I will be writing every two weeks instead of every week, so expect more fleshed-out and polished articles.

– And I will be writing about whatever I like. Some weeks I will be talking about tech or deck ideas, and others I could talk about anything from banned cards to the effect of having house pets on an EDH playgroup. And I will be talking about all of these things with the same style and humour that you guys have grown used to.

And that should wrap it up for this quick article-that-should-not-have-been. Happy holidays, and I will see all you fine folks back in January (Unless you check the site during the holidays, in which case you might catch me on a very festive Rivals’ Duel Christmas special!).