Welcome to Season 12

January 10, 2014


(Comes in carrying a mop and bucket)

Man it is messy in here. It’s time to clean up from the commandercast Christmas party (I’m never letting Eric and Calvin sing karaoke again. Those nightmares will never leave me) and get ready for the new season. This season is going to be sweet, with some new faces joining the writing team as well as all your old favorites. Look out 2014, here we come.

But, you didn’t come here to listen to me clean up from the Christmas party (seriously, by the end of the night the eggnog had pretty much turned into a bowl of rum). You came here to get the inside scoop on what’s coming this season. This season, every article is going to hit on every other week. That means you get twice the number of people talking at you, and twice the cool stuff to see every week. So without further ado, here is the schedule for this season.

spStarting on Tuesday of the “Odd” weeks, there is a new series called Spawning Pool. Spawning Pool is a big social experiment that all of you are invited to take part in. Every week on spawning pool, there will be something different. Sometimes it may be one of our writers trying something new. Sometimes it will be a blast from the past from the archives of commandercast history (or from other sites our writers used to write on). It is also an opportunity for people interested in trying their hand at writing. Every week, you’ll get something different and we want you, our loyal readers, to comment on it. Tell us what you like, what you don’t, and we’ll be using that feedback to shape future series’.

rbWednesday of odd weeks debuts our MTG news series. There is a TON of stuff about commander on the web and we want to be your number one source for all things commander. From official announcements (spoilers and banned list changes) to community issues (remember when #youmightbeanEDHdbag was a thing?) we’ve got the best of it all here. We’ll also be spotlighting the best of commander content around the web.

nolenew90Odd week Thursday brings back Rival’s Duel. This is the sexy little sister for Commandercast where every week, Nole and Eric chose something they disagree about and debate it till they are blue in the face. From what general is the best, to if the newest cards are going to matter in commander, Eric and Nole keep it fun with good debate and a disproportionate number of jokes about Cutthroat Canadian Commanders. (This is where waxing on Wyoming’s winter weather would work to balance the puns but that would be childish…never mind.)

profpicFriday wraps up with returning article series “Staple Remover”. Chris continues to write about underappreciated cards in commander and finding new and exciting jank tech.  Has a group arms race or stale repetitive play got you down?  Staple Remover has just the cure.


HayesTuesdays of even weeks brings you another new series by Hayes called column called “Tragic Slipping Tier One”. The column will focus on tier one decks and how non tier one decks can angle themselves to better fight against them. Articles will analyze what is happening in a game and how different players are reading those actions. This column is out to prove to readers is that there aren’t really tier one decks, but tier one players.

ohlookapictureEven week Wednesdays bring back Brian’s series “Unexpected Results.” What should you expect from Unexpected results? What else but the unexpected (did you expect any other pun here? Also, I think I’ve hit the quota on the word expected for this intro). Brian’s articles cover a lot of territory, and if nothing else are interesting and engaging every week.


 378127_10150441621792624_1477312954_nJust like Madonna reinvents herself every few years, so does Eric Bonvie every season. This season the former author of the article formerly known as Vexing Devil’s Advocate is bringing us “Commander with a Comedian.” Eric will be writing about the (mis)adventures of playing in a hyper competitive meta, as well as his take on strange Commanders (hello Tuktuk the Explorer) and his normal brand of humor.

scaled imageAnother new article and writer closes out the even weeks. Jonathan will be bringing us “Kitchen Table Tactics” and will focus on casual game play.  He will be talking about the tactics involved with casual multiplayer, threat evaluation, politics, and deck variety.  Kitchen Table Tactics will also showcase EDH/multiplayer variants, like ‘Horde Magic’, talking about their rules, how to get started, and hopefully contain some game reports.

WillcalOh yeah, and William and Calvin do something every Monday, but I can’t seem to place what it is…



So there you have it. We’ll be kicking off next Monday or as soon as I get this mess cleaned up (seriously guys, why is there tinsel in the freezer?) Welcome to 2014!