Welcome to the New Season!

September 15, 2013

Hello everyone and welcome back to another to another season of commandercast. I figure that before we jump off into another off the chain season of awesomeness, that someone better clue everyone into the sweet stuff we have coming up this season.

First and foremost let’s get out a schedule and on when you’ll see certain people on the site. If you have a favorite author or have an author you can’t stand then be sure to pay attention because your author’s day may have changed.

Mondays start things off with William and Calvin rocking it with our namesake podcast. Expect the same high quality content you’ve come to expect straight from us to you. Monday is also the day for an guest writers that want to drop in.

378127_10150441621792624_1477312954_nTuesdays feature Eric’s new series Up! Your! Deck! U!Y!D! is article series about the foundational strategies of good deckbuilding in commander, with each article covering a different aspect of making a consistently solid edh deck. It’s written by Eric, so it will be interwoven with narratives to act as introductions and to illustrate points, and will also have wildly inappropriate humor and tons of pop culture references.


ohlookapictureWednesday is you weekly does of different with Brian’s series Unexpected Results. Brian’s articles cover a lot of territory, and if nothing else are interesting and engaging every week. Most of my articles just start as off the cuff thoughts that eventually get developed into full articles. As the name implies, you never know what you’re going to get… And sometimes he don’t either.

(Editor’s Note: It also makes it a pain to edit such a moving target. At least with Eric all I have to do is censor the d*ck jokes.)


90x90 noleOn Thursday, Nole takes over. However, what you get from Nole will alternate every other week. On odd numbered weeks, you’ll be able to be able to fill your earholes with Rival’s Duel, a podcast featuring him and Eric.. Every other week, Eric and Nole take time to choose a topic within the realm of commander and argue the fact between themselves.

On even numbered weeks, Nole write (Social) Contract from Below. SCfB is Commandercasts’ bi-weekly article series about the social contract and how it defines the format. Nole writes about this unique aspect of commander and how it impacts gameplay. You can expect the typical stream of consciousness thought patterns, incoherent ramblings, and overuse of parenthesis that you’ve come to expect over the past two seasons.

profpicFriday wraps up our week as Chris brings us Staple Remover.  Staple Remover is a weekly look at unusual combos, deck builds and outright jank-tech that can increase the entertainment value of your games.  Has a group arms race or stale repetitive play got you down?  Staple Remover has just the cure.

One final thing before I let you get back to enjoying the season. We are always looking for new writers here at commandercast. If you feel like you have something to say, we want to give you a platform to let you say it. Shoot us an e-mail with a writing sample to commandercast@gmail.com If you want to write weekly, bi-weekly, or even as a one shot thing, we’d love to have you.

Enjoy the new season everybody! Peace Out!